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Can we begin by acknowledging that parenting is hard?

Beautiful woman is scolding her teenage daughter, girl is covering ears and ignoring her m

Being a mom is difficult.

No one prepares you for the pressure of being a parent. 

The endless needs of caring for a human being is stressful to say the least! 
How do you navigate the endless pressure of: 

  • behavioral issues. 

  • teaching independence. 

  • making good choices.

  • having empathy. 

  • and of course just being a good human!

Not to mention the pressures and stresses of:  

  • Being a good mom. 

  • Not losing it, mentally and emotionally.  

  • Feeling guilty for your short comings or mistakes. 

  • Struggling with caring for your own needs. 

  • Doing "the right thing." 

  • Juggling different responsibilities.


But most of all... feeling like you aren't making the same mistakes your parents made when you were growing up.


Tired upset woman worried about tiredness from domestic work sitting at couch. Frustrating

Welcome, I'm Michelle

I am a compassionate educator who has spent her life serving others.


As I started walking my awakening journey, it was only natural I found myself looking for new ways I could assist those around me. I have a mirage of degrees, certifications, and training under my belt, but nothing quite prepared me for the journey I took with my daughters as they struggled.


I have been an elementary educator for 17 years. Helping children who are struggling is something I have consistently done throughout my career. But, experiencing my own children suffering was something that came unexpectedly.

I knew then I had to find new tools, processes, and a new understanding to assist my children in a new way, one I never imagined I would. As I navigated this space, I learned so much about shifting self-images, being a strong confident leader, and uncovering toxic beliefs that I knew this was something I would equally love to help others through.


Now, I am using all my resources to dedicate my skills to helping moms who are also struggling with their children. I offer a wide variety of tools and processes to help them be the moms they desire to be.

I see you mama, and I know the struggles you endure... 

What if you could learn the secrets to creating strong, confident, compassionate humans who make good choices and have empathy for those around them without losing it yourself? 

Are you ready to:

End The Mom Guilt 

It's time to stop struggling with guilt mama. We've all made mistakes. Let's dig deep and release yourself from the guilt cycle. You deserve to live a life free from feeling bad about yourself. 

Stop The Anger, Rage, Sadness, Guilt Cycle NOW

Admitting you've let anger take over and lost it a time or nine can be difficult, but the reality is... we've all been there. Learn easy ways to manage your stress level so you no longer have to be the angry mom. 

Parent With Kindness

As weird as it may seem, we were not taught to parent with kindness. So of course, it's not something that comes naturally for you. Learn new techniques to lead with kindness so your kids can too. 

Teach Choice and Possibilities

One thing that is lacking in most children.... the ability to choose for themselves. This is another concept we don't learn, even for ourselves! Do you still struggle with making choices? Learn to make good choices and teach your kids how to as well. 

Raise Intuitive Children

I'm willing to bet your child is intuitive and sensitive, just like mine. Learn to parent your intuitive soul in a way that supports their own inner knowing and teaches them to confidently be them. 

Be A Supportive Mom

Isn't it time you got to be the mom you really desire to be? Stop struggling with old images and reflections of you that you can't seem to move beyond. It's time to settle into you. Strong. Confident. Supportive. You. 


See What Others Have Said
About Working With Me

Kind and Understanding

“It was such a pleasure working with Michelle. The first time we spoke I instantly felt at ease. Her kindness and understanding was very comforting. I never felt judged or shameful. Michelle brought me to such a space of peace and I'm extremely grateful for having this time with her.״ 

Clara Higbee

Helpful and Easy

“I currently have a lot going on in my life. I have 4 daughters 2 who do not speak to me right now. In the recent weeks my husband has gone to the ER and my daughter had totaled our truck. We still don't know what's going on with my husband. I had also sold my vehicle due to high mileage in high cost repairs. Michelle was able to help clear some of the energy as well as bring some ease into my life. She has assisted me to believe that I'm moving in the right direction.  I'm confident that a year or more ago I would have handled these situations very differently. Michelle is a great support for anyone needing energy work. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.״ 

DeAnna W.

Peaceful and Stable

“Michelle has a peaceful strength about her that radiates into everything she does. Her calm voice and gentle energy invite you into new spaces of awareness with ease. Michelle is an absolute delight to work with. Her confidence with navigating struggles allows for you to feel supported yet confident, so you too can move beyond any struggle with ease.״ 

Jamie Bates

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