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About Michelle


Wife, Mother, Educator, Veteran, Reiki Master, Consciousness/Energy Facilitator, and Teacher

Michelle was born and raised in upstate New York. She spent her childhood as part of a small close-knit family. Michelle had a very unique experience growing up; her mom and her sister married brothers. Growing up was an adventure of spending tons of time with her extended family.


Michelle always loved kids, and always envisioned herself dedicating her life to being of service to others. It was a natural choice when she decided to enlist in the military. Eight days after she graduated from high school, she was on her way to boot camp.


Michelle spent the next 8 years on duty where she met and married her husband of twenty three years. He brought two sons into the marriage, and they had two daughters together, starting their family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Michelle then separated from the military, and continued her life of service transitioning into a corporate trainer and supervisor.


Michelle has always loved teaching others, so it was only natural she then decided to pursue a career in education. She received her elementary school teaching degree, and then her master’s in childhood literacy. Michelle also has received her bachelor's in workforce education, and received multiple certifications as a facilitator including The Virtues Project and now a consciousness facilitator.


When Michelle’s daughters were young, they made the choice to relocate back to Michelle’s home town to raise her daughters around the family as she had experienced as a child herself. Now, living back home in upstate New York for the past 16 years.


During this time, Michelle has been teaching elementary school. Navigating the current school system has become too challenging. Michelle has made the difficult decision to stop teaching for the school system and find a new way to support people in a way that she loves…. Facilitating.


Navigating the struggles that both of her daughters found have become the fuel moving Michelle forward. Living through a time when she wasn’t sure if her children were going to be okay shifted her life dramatically. Now, Michelle is jumping into helping others too. Michelle’s mission is helping other moms to become supportive, nurturing moms, and to help navigate their child's struggles.


As a person, Michelle has always gravitated to assisting those who are struggling. Her compassionate heart and her deep desire to be the caring and kindness this world needs. Michelle hopes to be the beacon for moms who are ready to move through the old paradigms of judgment to facilitate the greatest expansion of life.

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